Pictures Taken in Montreal during Christmas, 1999
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Restaurant in Old Montreal, full picture size = 90 KB
Old Montreal
Place Jacques Cartier (Old Montreal near Waterfront), full picture size = 66 KB
Jacques Cartier
Christmas Trees on Old Montreal Waterfront, full picture size = 57 KB
Waterfront Trees
Notre Dame Cathedral with Poinsettias,  full picture size = 111 KB
Notre Dame
Montreal City Hall near Old Montreal,  full picture size = 96 KB
City Hall
Building with Bow on Rue McGill, full picture size = 77 KB
Xmas Bow
Christmas Tree From Lights - Place Ville Marie (St. Catherine St.+ Rue McGill), 
full picture size = 55 KB
Ville Marie
Rue McGill - Main Street leading to McGill University, full picture size = 77 KB
Rue McGill
Hudson Bay Store on St. Catherine St., full picture size = 83 KB
Dept. Store
LeNouvel Hotel on Rene Levesque - where I usually stay, full picture size = 71 KB
Le Nouvel
Xmas Wreath - Rue McGill, full picture size = 69 KB
Xmas Wreath
Sir Winston Churchill Pub on Crescent St., full picture size = 74 KB

All pictures taken with an Olympus D450Z Digital Camera
JPG Format - reduced to 640 X 480 Resolution - Medium Compression

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