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Got to catch myself before I gain back all the weight

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

Update – November 4, 2017
I did manage to loose 30 pounds between April, 2017, and the beginning of September, 2017.  I went away for a week, and gained about 5 pounds. I was happy that I lost that 5 pound gain by the end of September.  Unfortunately,  I gained about 11 pounds from the beginning of October to today.   I must immediately stop this gain by returning to my successful weight loss behaviors.   My goal is to loose 90 pounds by Labor Day (September 4, 2018).

Original Post
As readers of this blog know, my weight is like a yo-yo. I loose significant weight, gain it back (usually with additional weight over and above what I just lost), loose again, gain again, etc. I had lost 53 pounds between March, and December 2015. A few weeks before Christmas 2015, I started cheating again with desserts, snacks, sweets, basically any food that results in weight gain. I told myself it would just be for the holidays; however, we have now passed two Ides of March, a Labor Day, a Halloween, celebrated two year changes, and I have not stopped. Result, I have gained 76 pounds since this latest eating splurge commenced. Totally unacceptable behavior that I regained all of the 53 pounds I managed to loose over a 10 month period in 2015 plus a 23 pound bonus.

    Starting Sunday, April 2, 2017, I am returning to my prior successful weight loss behavior – no desserts, no in between meals snacks, no snacks at movies, and only an apple (or other item with similar calorie amount) when I get home at night. Using this strategy, I did loose 165 pounds over a two year period (2009 – 2011). Unfortunately, I gained 120 pounds of that weight back, then lost 53, and now my recent 76 pound gain. I still weigh 22 pounds less than my all time high on November 29, 2009, but still weigh 143 pounds more than my 2011 lowest weight.

    I have also rediscovered that I can not suspend my successful weight loss practices for any period of time. All my adult weight gains have started with a temporary eating change for the holidays, vacation, etc. I thought that a short duration eating splurge wouldn’t hurt too much; however, and this is a big however, all those planned temporary for a few days to a few weeks (holiday season, vacation) eating splurges actually lasted for months / years with associated significant weight gains. I must follow my good weight control practices without deviation. If I deviate with good intentions for a short duration, my history demonstrates that short term deviations usually extend way beyond the intended end date, and I have gained significant weight before I finally wise up / get back on track.

    Starting today, I will focus on my weight loss again. I will not be satisfied until I equal, or am below my 2011 lowest weight which was achieved at the end of my 165 pounds loss. I need to loose a minimum of 143 pounds to achieve my goal. It took me 5+ years to gain the 143 pounds; however, my goal is to loose a minimum of 143 pounds within 2 years.  I did loose 165 pounds over a 2 year period in the past, now the essential question is do I have the motivation / focus to accomplish this formidable task again.

    Got to get my weight under control again.

    Friday, August 23rd, 2013

    My weight loss progress this summer has been as erratic as the Boston weather has been most of 2013. I loose a few pounds, gain it back along with a few extra pounds, and then repeat the cycle again, and again. 

    Horror of Horrors, I gained 76 pounds since January 1, 2012

    Monday, July 1st, 2013

    July 1 snuck up on me, and arrived unfortunately with my weighing 76 pounds more than I did on Jan 1, 2012 with 14 of those pounds added since Jan 1, 2013.  I have reached a critical juncture in my weight related life.  Unless I immediately get my act together, and regain the weight focus I demonstrated in 2010 / 2011, I will (within a few years) have gained back all 165 pounds I worked so hard to loose over a 2 year period.  I will not let that happen.

    Still like a yo-yo with my weight reduction, got to get my act together.

    Monday, June 24th, 2013

    Been like a yo-yo since my May 28 post.  I lost 7 pounds, but gained it back with a one pound bonus.  Today I weigh 75 pounds more than I did on New Years Eve 2011.  I am still 90 pounds lighter than my all-time high; however, I do not like my current weight trends at all. 

    I will focus again on my weight starting today.  My goal is to loose as much of this newly gained 75 pounds as I can by the end of this year, and continue loosing the remainder in early 2014.  I will not be happy with my weight until I weigh at least 1 pound less than I did on New Years Eve 2011.

    Weigh 74 pounds more than I did the end of 2011 – a major weight refocus is in order

    Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

    On New Year’s Eve 2011 / New Year’s Day 2012, I weighed 165 pounds less than I did on November 29, 2009, the date I regrettably weighed the highest in my life.  My goal was to loose 150 pounds, I thought I had a 15 pound cushion since I lost 165 pounds.  During 2012, I gained 62 pounds, quite a bit more than my “cushion”.  Why I allowed myself to go so far astray I will never fully understand although I certainly know how I did it – too many desserts, munchies, evening snacks, popcorn at movies etc.  If it was a treat, I loved it, and the more the merrier.  If one treat was good, multiple treats were even better.

    In 2013, I lost a few pounds, then gained a few pounds I was like a yo-yo with my weight.   On May 28, 2013, I weighed 12 pounds more that I did the end of 2012, a total gain of 74 pounds since then end of 2011.  Enough is enough as they say; I have to regain control of my weight, and immediately return to my proven (for me) weight loss strategies of no desserts, no popcorn etc. at movies, no in-between meal snacks, and limit my evening sustenance to an apple, or similar caloric content munchie. I will still maintain my practice of ordering whatever I want from the restaurant menu for my main meal minus the dessert of course. I eat just about all my main meals out except breakfast. I did manage to loose 165 pounds over a 2 year period while following this strategy.

    My goal is to loose 75 pounds by the end of 2013 (the 74 I gained since the end of 2011 + 1).  I realize this is a lofty goal, some would say unrealistic.  I  will focus again on my weight like I did in 2010 / 2011.  I am determined to come as close as I can to obtaining this goal.  If I miss the goal by a few pounds, I will be disappointed, but also ecstatic that I did loose most of the weight I gained back.  However, I am still setting, and striving to attain the goal of loosing all the “gained backed” weight + 1 by the end of 2013.

    I am at a major crossroads on my weight.  I will either loose the desired 75 pounds, or continue out-of-control ultimately gaining back all 165 pounds I lost plus probably a 20 to 25 pound additional bonus based on prior weight gains.  I am trying my best to ensure it is the former scenario, not the latter.

    Start return to weight loss today!

    Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

    As indicated in yesterday’s post, I had drifted away from my successful weight loss formula, and started gaining weight in April. During my recent vacation which ended September 10, I was totally out of control from an eating perspective. In 16 days, I gained 16 pounds. I knew it would be bad, but was still surprised / shocked at the massive vacation gain. My first day back yesterday, I continued devouring desserts / snacks, and gained another pound.

    Enough is enough. Today I return to my successful weight management discipline that worked so well for two plus years. If I don’t immediately regain control of my eating binges, I will ultimately regain all my shredded 165 pounds. I realize I may have a setback or two, but they hopefully will be short term. I am determined to loose all my recently reacquired pounds, and catch / correct future lapses quicker.

    Vacation over, time to refocus on weight loss / maintenance

    Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

    Vacation is over, time to refocus on my weight. For two years, I focused on loosing weight, and was thrilled that I lost 165 pounds. Before vacation, I was cheating a bit too much with desserts, and snacks. On vacation, I really went wild with desserts, snacks, more desserts, then more snacks.

    Before I regain all my lost 165 pounds, I am immediately returning to my successful weight loss measures of no desserts, no popcorn / candy at the movies, no in-between meal eating, and limiting my evening snack to an apple. I will still order my favorite meals (no dessert) at my favorite restaurants for my combo lunch / dinner which I also did during my weight loss period. At all other times I will follow the weight loss discipline that worked so well for me for over two years.

    Six hours in a movie theater without a snack

    Friday, August 10th, 2012

    I attended the Big, Loud & Live 9 Drum Corp International broadcast from Indianapolis (it was excellent) last night. I arrived at the theater early to get a good seat, and combined with the uplink delays due to severe thunderstorms in Indianapolis, I was in the theater for close to 6 hours. I am proud that I resisted the significant urge for snacks particularly during the delay. I did not stop by the refreshment stand, and did not visit the 50 cents vending machine with those delicious M&M’s. Don’t get me wrong, I had the urge, but did resist. I was really tested by the vending machine, it was only about 15 feet from the auditorium I was in for 6 hours. As a recent post indicated, I was starting to become too familiar again with desserts / snacks recently, and was determined to “nip in the bud” that potential return to bad eating habits.

    Six hours in a movie theater without a snack should make resisting snacks for a two hour movie a piece of cake again (pun intended) like it had been for the last 2 years until my recent lapses. I attend about 200 movies a year in movie theaters (enjoy movies on the big screen), and until the recent lapses, the refreshment stand / vending machines were the “”forbidden zones” during my significant weight loss journey.