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Got to catch myself before I gain back all the weight

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017

As readers of this blog know, my weight is like a yo-yo. I loose significant weight, gain it back (usually with additional weight over and above what I just lost), loose again, gain again, etc. I had lost 53 pounds between March, and December 2015. A few weeks before Christmas 2015, I started cheating again with desserts, snacks, sweets, basically any food that results in weight gain. I told myself it would just be for the holidays; however, we have now passed two Ides of March, a Labor Day, a Halloween, celebrated two year changes, and I have not stopped. Result, I have gained 76 pounds since this latest eating splurge commenced. Totally unacceptable behavior that I regained all of the 53 pounds I managed to loose over a 10 month period in 2015 plus a 23 pound bonus.

    Starting Sunday, April 2, 2017, I am returning to my prior successful weight loss behavior – no desserts, no in between meals snacks, no snacks at movies, and only an apple (or other item with similar calorie amount) when I get home at night. Using this strategy, I did loose 165 pounds over a two year period (2009 – 2011). Unfortunately, I gained 120 pounds of that weight back, then lost 53, and now my recent 76 pound gain. I still weigh 22 pounds less than my all time high on November 29, 2009, but still weigh 143 pounds more than my 2011 lowest weight.

    I have also rediscovered that I can not suspend my successful weight loss practices for any period of time. All my adult weight gains have started with a temporary eating change for the holidays, vacation, etc. I thought that a short duration eating splurge wouldn’t hurt too much; however, and this is a big however, all those planned temporary for a few days to a few weeks (holiday season, vacation) eating splurges actually lasted for months / years with associated significant weight gains. I must follow my good weight control practices without deviation. If I deviate with good intentions for a short duration, my history demonstrates that short term deviations usually extend way beyond the intended end date, and I have gained significant weight before I finally wise up / get back on track.

    Starting today, I will focus on my weight loss again. I will not be satisfied until I equal, or am below my 2011 lowest weight which was achieved at the end of my 165 pounds loss. I need to loose a minimum of 143 pounds to achieve my goal. It took me 5+ years to gain the 143 pounds; however, my goal is to loose a minimum of 143 pounds within 2 years.  I did loose 165 pounds over a 2 year period in the past, now the essential question is do I have the motivation / focus to accomplish this formidable task again.

    Weigh 74 pounds more than I did the end of 2011 – a major weight refocus is in order

    Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

    On New Year’s Eve 2011 / New Year’s Day 2012, I weighed 165 pounds less than I did on November 29, 2009, the date I regrettably weighed the highest in my life.  My goal was to loose 150 pounds, I thought I had a 15 pound cushion since I lost 165 pounds.  During 2012, I gained 62 pounds, quite a bit more than my “cushion”.  Why I allowed myself to go so far astray I will never fully understand although I certainly know how I did it – too many desserts, munchies, evening snacks, popcorn at movies etc.  If it was a treat, I loved it, and the more the merrier.  If one treat was good, multiple treats were even better.

    In 2013, I lost a few pounds, then gained a few pounds I was like a yo-yo with my weight.   On May 28, 2013, I weighed 12 pounds more that I did the end of 2012, a total gain of 74 pounds since then end of 2011.  Enough is enough as they say; I have to regain control of my weight, and immediately return to my proven (for me) weight loss strategies of no desserts, no popcorn etc. at movies, no in-between meal snacks, and limit my evening sustenance to an apple, or similar caloric content munchie. I will still maintain my practice of ordering whatever I want from the restaurant menu for my main meal minus the dessert of course. I eat just about all my main meals out except breakfast. I did manage to loose 165 pounds over a 2 year period while following this strategy.

    My goal is to loose 75 pounds by the end of 2013 (the 74 I gained since the end of 2011 + 1).  I realize this is a lofty goal, some would say unrealistic.  I  will focus again on my weight like I did in 2010 / 2011.  I am determined to come as close as I can to obtaining this goal.  If I miss the goal by a few pounds, I will be disappointed, but also ecstatic that I did loose most of the weight I gained back.  However, I am still setting, and striving to attain the goal of loosing all the “gained backed” weight + 1 by the end of 2013.

    I am at a major crossroads on my weight.  I will either loose the desired 75 pounds, or continue out-of-control ultimately gaining back all 165 pounds I lost plus probably a 20 to 25 pound additional bonus based on prior weight gains.  I am trying my best to ensure it is the former scenario, not the latter.