Love Movies

If you have viewed my posts, you notice the majority are about movies I have seen.  I am definitely a movie fan.  Although I have TiVo, NetFlix, and many streaming devices, I still enjoy watching movies on the big screen.  Since I am retired, I also have the time to attend as many movies as I desire.  In 2006, I attended 334 movies at a theater.  No, that is not a typo, I did indeed go to the movies 334 times in 2006.  This year (2009), I will attend app. 180 movies in the theater.   Why the almost 50% drop from 2006?   The drop is due to the significant decrease in movie releases since the writers’ strike.  If 334 movies I had any interest in seeing were released in 2009,  my butt would have been resting in a seat at the AMC Boston Common, Regal Fenway, or “art house ” theater in the Boston area.   Still, 180 or so movies at a theater is still quite a few.

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