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“Das Rheingold” Met Opera Encore was OK

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

“Das Rheingold”

2 1/2 out of 5 stars

If you read my prior posts, I have finally realized I am not an opera fan.
Was near Fenway tonight, so took in “Das Rheingold” encore at Regal Fenway.
Although I respect the immense talent of the opera stars, I find the format boring, and too drawn out for most of the performance.

Tonight’s opera did not change my opinion that opera is not for me,

Saw “Armida” MET Opera HD rebroadcast – opera not for me

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

I had purchased the ticket for tonight’s Armida HD rebroadcast in September.  Tonight was the last rebroadcast for this season, and maybe the last rebroadcast I ever attend.  Although I appreciate the quality of the opera stars’ voices, I realize that opera is an art form I do not appreciate, or enjoy.  As I indicated in a prior post, I had started to realize I am not an opera fan after attending several performance this season, and tonight’s experience finalized that realization.  Next year, I will definitely not attend the full series, and will be very selective if I attend any performances.  Again, I respect the quality of the voices, and the overall quality of the productions, it is just not for me.

To add fuel to the fire, the opera rebroadcast finished at about the same time as the Red Sox home game two blocks up the street at Fenway Park.

MET Opera’s “Hamlet” was ok, a bit boring

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

I am definitely not an opera aficionado.  I like Broadway musicals, but the all singing, no talking opera format really never appealed to me.  Since the MET started selective HD broadcasts to local movie theaters, I have attended quite a few.  I did attend all of the broadcasts so far this season.  There is only one more scheduled this season, and I purchased my ticket for it last September.  Although I enjoyed a few of the broadcasts, most were boring to me.  Again, I am not an aficionado, and do respect the quality talent of the star performers.  It was during “Hamlet” that I finally realized I am not really an opera fan, and will only attend future broadcasts when there is a chance I might enjoy the storyline.   Next year, I may attend some of the broadcasts,  but I will be selective.  Based on the opera descriptions supplied when tickets are available, I will purchase tickets for selective operas that sound like I would enjoy them , not the entire HD season.

Saw “Turandot” MET Opera encore – excellent

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Saw the encore presentation of the MET Opera’s HD broadcast of “Turnadot” at the Regal Fenway last night.   Another extravagant presentation with a plethora of cast members.  As expected with the MET Opera, the stars were fantastic, top echelon voices.   The story was easy to follow thanks to the necessary subtitles.  I am not a passionate opera fan, but I do enjoy a good opera on occasion.  “Turandot” was extravagant as “Aida”; however, even though I thoroughly enjoyed “Turandot”, I did enjoy “Aida” a bit better. 

Even though the encore presentations are rebroadcasts of a live events, the two intermissions are included.  During the intermissions, I was catching up on “24” Season 7 which I had recorded live to the Archos when broadcast.   I am also catching up on previous seasons via NetFlix.  Wish “24” was one of the available shows for streaming.  Quite a diversity of viewing, watching “Turandot” then Jack Baeur during the intermissions.

Saw “Aida” MET Opera encore HD Broadcast – excellent

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Attended the encore presentation of the MET Opera’s “Aida” Wednesday night.  I am not a huge opera fan, but I did enjoy “Aida”.  It featured the largest cast I have seen on stage at one time, and featured several live horses as well.  As expected, all the main characters had excellent voices.  Story was excellent, of course I would be lost without the subtitles.  Even if you are not an opera fan, try attending a HD live broadcast, or encore presentation at your local cinema.  You may actually enjoy it, 😉