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The Theory of Everything – 5 stars

Friday, November 14th, 2014

The Theory of Everything is excellent.  Great story, long but time flew,  top performances, Redmayne (Stephen) exceptional performance.

“1000 Words” – 4 stars

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

“1000 Words” is very good.  Starts off silly, but improves dramatically at the end.  Nice feel good ending.. Eddie Murphy fine performance.

If I could only keep one device (aka toy), it would be the Dell Streak

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

If you have followed my posts, you know I am a gadget geek, and am the perfect example that “the only difference between a man, and a boy is the price of his toys” is definitely true. I enjoy the gadgets I use, they all have strengths / weaknesses, and are best for certain tasks while not so good for others.

After having used my current crop of toys extensively,  which device would I keep if I could only have one device?

I love the Samsung Tab, it is great for videos, web browsing, and all apps look great on its quality 7″ screen. It also fits in my winter jacket pocket for easy mobility. The Tab supports Flash, and does a fine job displaying Flash videos as long as you have a good cell connection, or WiFi. I do feel like I have full web access with the Tab unlike another device which claims full web access, but does not support Flash.  I take the Tab with me every day to enjoy videos, browsing etc. while out.

The Samsung Sprint Galaxy S Epic 4G is definitely one of my favorites as well. I love the physical keyboard, the Super AMOLED screen is fantastic, 4G is superfast, and the phone is very stable / reliable.  When / if this device is upgraded to Froyo with Flash support, it will be superb.

The Nexus One is, dare I say, elegant. I am impressed with its overall feel / looks, its speed, and I do like the trackball as well as the pure Froyo experience. Like the Tab, the Nexus One plays Flash videos fine as long as you have a good cell connection, or WiFi. I have two Nexus One’s, one I take with me everyday, and one in my bedroom for mobile access while upstairs.

The HD2 / HD7 are impressive as well. The 4.3″ screens are great for videos / browsing, both devices are well built / feel good in the hand even with the large screens, and both have been stable / reliable. The HD2 has all the classic power user features I crave, while the HD7 has the nice Metro UI which is fluid, smooth, and fast. Unfortunately, the HD7, like all WP7’s, is missing too many features I require.  Hopefully, Microsoft will soon rectify this dearth of  power user features as I feel WP7 has the potential to return Microsoft to prominent mobile player again.

The Samsung Vibrant is similar to the Epic 4G but has no keyboard, and of course, no 4G although HSPA+ has been very fast in certain Boston locations even approaching the speeds of the Epic 4G at times, but not consistently.

Now the iOS devices. – Although well made, the iOS devices are too restrictive to be my daily drivers. I need file access in order to easily transfer files among my plethora of devices, and iOS does not allow this without jailbreaking. I also dislike using iTunes as the main conduit for the various iOS devices, and want a microSD card slot. The iPad is nice, but its lack of Flash, restricted file access, and overall bulk / cumbersomeness prevent it from being the mobile device I take with me for videos / web browsing while out. The iPhone 4 is nice as well, but its restricted nature, and small 3.5″ screen prevent it from being my daily mobile driver. After using larger screen devices, the 3.5″ screen on the iPhone 4 seems small almost toy like in spite of its acclaimed Retina display. Ditto for the iPod touch 4G. The SIM (with adapter) from my iPhone 4 has found a home in the Dell Streak for the last two months.  All of the apps I desire (and more) are available on the Android Market as well.

Now my choice for the one gadget I would keep if I had to discard all others, the Dell Streak. Although I prefer videos / web browsing on the Tab’s 7″ screen, the Streak is my next best device for watching videos / web browsing. The Streak fits in all my pockets unlike the Tab which only fits in my winter jacket pocket, and weighs quite a bit less than the Tab. The 4 / 4.3″ devices are nice for video / web browsing as well, but the Streak is one step better due to its 5″ screen. The Streak also fits in my hand well, and makes phone calls unlike the US based Tabs which do not. Although I use my devices primarily for data, I do make the occasional phone call. All my current devices have nice screens, but I am really impressed with the Streak’s screen. It is a joy to use for videos, web browsing, and all my favorite Android apps look great. I make my choice while the Streak is still at Android 1.6 with the Dell UI enhancements (which I like). When / if Froyo / Gingerbread are officially released for the Streak, its ratings will skyrocket particularly if it plays Flash videos as well as the Tab, and Nexus One currently do.  The best overall device for me from connectivity, usability, form factor, weight, video viewing, web browsing, quality of screen, app availability, and pleasure to use perspectives is the Dell Streak.  If I could only keep one device, it would be the Dell Streak even with 1.6.

Fortunately, I do not have to make the choice, and can continue to use all the devices for the tasks they are best at performing. My choice is based on the features, performance level, and form factor that are important to me as well as the tasks I wish to accomplish on my mobile devices. Your opinions, desired features, required tasks, and ratings may be different.

Although I would welcome your comments, I have comments turned off because I was being inundated with spam replies.

Windows Phone 7 hardware looks real nice, now add in the power user features!

Monday, October 11th, 2010

If you have read my Windows Phone 7 page, you know I had initial disappointment when WP7 was introduced. The Metro UI is certainly unique, and is a refreshing change from the icon grids on other smartphones. I am still unsure whether it is the next best thing in smartphone UI design, or the next Edsel. I will not make my decision until I actually use a device extensively. All the reviews indicate that the UI is very fast, and smooth which is certainly a nice start.

I am impressed with the plethora of choices in hardware design – landscape / portrait physical keyboards, screen sizes, and even Dolby Surround if desired. Choice is good for the customer rather than the one size / feature set fits all philosophy of some competitors.

Windows Mobile Classic still meets my needs the best of all Mobile OS’s including iOS, and Android. Microsoft has announced Copy / Paste will be added in early 2011. Now, add in other missing “power user / technogeek” features like open file system, true multitasking, sideloading apps, etc., and you may just win me back. Because I do like Classic Windows Mobile so much, I do have a soft spot for Microsoft Mobile. I wish them well, intense competition is good for customers of all brands.

I am sure I will purchase a WP7 device because I am a tech geek, and I suspect WP7 will return Microsoft to major player status in the mobile game. I will purchase a T-Mobile, or AT&T device so I can use my traveling SIM on T-Mobile, or the iPhone 4’s SIM (with proper adapter) on AT&T. The T-Mobile HD7 looks impressive with that huge 4.3″ screen, and  nice form factor. The Dell Venue Pro looks very interesting as well with the 4.1″ screen, and portrait slider. I am a fan of physical keyboards.  Maybe, just maybe I will get as excited about WP7 as I am about Classic Windows Mobile after the power user features removed by Microsoft reappear in future updates.

Good luck with Windows Phone 7 Microsoft, I do genuinely wish you much success with your new Mobile OS.

The new Droid phone looks nice

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Between eating dinner, and the movie Friday night, I stopped in BestBuy to see the new Motorola Droid, the first Android 2.0 phone.  BestBuy did not have a working model on display, but did have a model on display that you could handle to get a “touch and feel” for the hardware.  The phone seems very well built, and the slide-out keyboard felt solid.  I am a big fan of physical keyboards.  I have tried just about every virtual keyboard on a multitude of devices, and just do not like virtual keyboards.   I had read in reviews that the key travel on the Droid is minimal probably to keep the device as thin as possible.  Initially when I typed on the Droid’s hardware keyboard, the lack of key travel felt weird.  The key travel was much less than my WM Touch Pro.  However, after about two minutes or so, I got used to the smaller key travel when typing, and feel I could adjust to this keyboard easily if I purchased this phone, or another phone with a similar limited key travel keyboard. 

I love my Windows Mobile phone, and am not in the market for a new phone at this time.  If I were to purchase a phone today, it would probably be the new WM based HTC HD2 if I thought I could live without a hardware keyboard, or the HTC Touch Pro 2.   I intend to stay with WM;  however, if I were to change platforms, I would probably purchase an Anroid based phone, the iPhone is just too limited for my needs.