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“For Greater Glory” – 4 1/2 stars

Monday, June 4th, 2012

Although a bit long, and a bit “overboard”, “For Greater Glory” is excellent. Great story, fine action, and A+ performances. Recommended.

Got my first taste of the massive new eBay fee, and I don’t like it!

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

I was disappointed when I received the email about the new flat rate 9% eBay final value fee for auctions, and today I had my first taste of that exorbitant fee. I sold an auction item for $485. I saved a whole dollar on the insert fee ($2.00 vs. $3.00) – big deal. My final value fee was $43.65 vs. $18.29 under the old structure. I can understand a slight fee hike to offset rising expenses, but an increase over 125 percent in the final value fee for items in the price range of my sold item is gouging your customers.

Even more irritating was the email from eBay announcing the fees. They tried to put a positive spin on the new fees by highlighting the lower insertion fees, and also tried to spin the massive increase in final value percentage as if it was a good thing. A few eBay sellers may benefit from the new fees, but if you sell things worth more than $50 or so, prepare to feel the negative impact of the new fee structure.  The fee will also indirectly impact buyers as well since many sellers will have to increase their prices to offset at least a portion of the significantly larger fee.  I would have more respect for eBay if their fee notice email had stated that they control the auction arena, and are out to gouge their customers, rather than the pablum we received attempting to put a positive spin on a very negative notice.

The fact  eBay could massively increase their fees show how dominant they are in the auction market. If eBay had a viable competitor, I doubt we would have seen such a massive increase.

Please, please someone establish a viable competitor to eBay so we can dump eBay, and their new exorbitant fee structure.