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Again, Android the winner for playing Archos videos

Friday, February 14th, 2014

Used a Kingston Wi-Drive for this test. 

Android consistently streamed, and / or download the Archos files flawlessly from the Wi-Drive. 

iOS had problems again.  If the video format was one of the natively supported formats, iOS streamed / downloaded the videos fine using the Wi-Drive app.  However, the Archos videos are not natively supported on iOS.  When selecting an Archos video file from the Wi-Drive using the iOS Wi-Drive app, you do have the opportunity to select the player you desire to use for video playback.  Problem is the non-native video formats do not stream, the full video is downloaded before playback which takes on average 20 minutes, and frequently the connection drops even though the devices were about 2 feet apart during testing.  For me, this is unacceptable, need immediate streaming which Android has no problem initiating consistently with the same videos.

Bottom line – Android is definitely the quickest, easiest, and most reliable platform for me to use for my viewing of the Archos videos while on-the-go.  iOS does not stream the mp4 wrapped in a AVI container videos, and downloading takes too long before playback.

Android again the winner for playing Archos 7 video files from WiFi Flash Drive

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

You know from prior posts that Android is the easiest, and quickest platform for me to watch TV shows I record on my trusty Archos 7 device while out the next day. Due to iOS’s lack of USB To Go support, I experimented with using a WiFi enabled Flash Drive, a SanDisk 32 GB model.  The results were the same, Android the clear winner.

With Android, when I select one of the mp4 AVI files, I am immediately prompted to select the player to view the video.  Both streaming, and download worked flawlessly on Android.

On iOS, streaming worked fine for video formats natively supported by iOS, but I received a “video not supported message” for my AVI files with no opportunity to choose a player that supports the format.  I tried force downloading the AVI  video files, but again I never received an opportunity to select one of the players I have installed that can play the files properly, just the same old “video not supported” message.  I tried accessing the WiFi Flash Drive via Safari browser.  If Safari could complete the download, I was asked which player to use.  Problem is Safari / iOS were not able to complete a large file download without loosing the connection, and trying again resulted in another lost connection the majority of the time.  My Android devices were able to consistently download the same large video file from the same WiFi Flash Drive without any glitches.

I tried downloading to a Windows 8 Bay Trail based tablet, and the files also downloaded without a glitch consistently.

I did not try the WiFi Flash Drive with Windows Phone since I have not yet located a video player that can play the Archos video files without conversion.

Android definitely the easiest, quickest, and most flexible solution for playing my Archos 7 recorded TV programs

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Reference my earlier post regarding using an Archos 7 for recording my favorite shows while I am not at home.

Since iOS does not support USB To Go, a computer is needed as an intermediary between the Archos 7, and iOS device, definitely a PIA. Some 3rd party apps offer Wifi, and Dropbox uploads, but the large file sizes makes those options unrealistic. VLC was playing the MPEG4 wrapped in an AVI container videos fine. After I completed the 7.0.4 system update, and VLC app update, VLC could no longer play the files. I am now using playable PRO which seems to play the videos fine.

Android is definitely the easiest, quickest, and most flexible solution for mobile viewing of my Archos videos. No computer is needed as an intermediary between the devices, and I can also save the files from the Archos to a flash drive. Since my Android devices support USB To Go, or Nexus Media Importer, I can stream, or copy the videos to my Android device of choice. VPlayer does a fine job playing the Archos videos without any conversions.

Windows Phone, like IOS, also does not support USB To Go, an intermediary computer is needed for that platform as well. I have not yet found a video player on Windows Phone Store that can play the Archos videos natively, and the included Windows Phone video player cannot play the files.

Still use trusty old Archos 7 to record my favorite TV shows while out

Friday, January 31st, 2014

I am out most evenings, and use an Archos 7 with DVR accessory to record my favorite programs for watching the next day while out. I also record the shows on TiVo for watching while home; however, the TiVo files won’t play natively, and I do not want a time consuming conversion. Fortunately, the Archos 7 supports USB host, and client.

Since most of my Android devices support USB To Go, transferring files from the Archos 7 to the Android device is quick, and easy. A third party video player supports both the video, and audio formats from the Archos so the files play perfectly on the Android devices without any time consuming conversions.

Unfortunately, Windows Phone does not support USB To Go so a computer is needed as an intermediary between the Archos, and Windows Phone. Even after that hassle, Windows Phone video player will not play the MPEG4 wrapped in AVI format video from the Archos. Time consuming video conversions would be necessary. No Way.

I have not tried iOS devices for awhile. When I last tried the Archos videos on iOS, I encountered the same restrictions as I did on Windows Phone. I will have to check for new video players on iOS that support the Archos video, and audio codecs.

Archos 5 IMT – Great PMP, Great Browser

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

The Archos 5, IMT is an excellent PMP, and has an excellent browser as well. I have used many generations of Archos products, and they are the best portable devices for video. The Archos 5 IMT continues the Archos tradition of combining a great screen in a manageable form factor. I watch videos daily on my various Archos devices.

The 5 IMT has the best mobile browser I have used. It is not just the great screen size / resolution that makes this browser the best; it is also the fine job the browser does displaying both desktop, and mobile sites. Desktop webpages are displayed with all their glory (minus Flash of course), and mobile sites are displayed to fit the screen properly. The Archos’s browser has virtual zoom controls at the bottom of the screen (which I prefer to the over-hyped multi-touch pinch zoom on the iPhone / iPod touch), and more importantly, the text constantly reflows after each zoom to ensure you can read single, or multiple-column pages at a comfortable text size without horizontal scrolling (a problem mobile Safari has with some single column pages).

Since the Archos 5 IMT is Android based, a plethora of powerful apps being available in the near future should be a given.   Combining the current excellent video playback / excellent browser with diverse future 3rd party apps should morph the Archos 5 IMT from a great PMP / Internet device to an outstanding mobile “do almost anything you want” device.