Visor Prism - Another Former Favorite PDA

I dropped my Visor Deluxe and the screen cracked. Rather than paying to have the screen fixed, I replaced the broken Visor Deluxe with a Visor Prism, the 16 bit color Visor. I received the Visor Prism on October 18th, two days after they were available. The 16 bit color display is very nice and will be impressive when more applications support 16 bit color. I am somewhat disappointed with the overall performance of the Visor Prism. With a 33 MHZ processor, I expected the Visor Prism to be noticeably faster than the 20 MHZ Palm IIIc, Palms' 8 bit color model. I have found the performance of the Visor Prism, with the applications I use, to be about as fast as the Palm IIIc was running the same applications. For example, applying a filter to a 2900 record database takes approximately 20 seconds with a Palm IIIc; applying the same filter to the same database running on a Visor Prism also takes approximately 20 seconds. Spreadsheet recalculation times were approximately the same on both the Palm IIIc and Visor Prism. While applying the filters or recalculating the spreadsheets, only a "Please Wait" monochrome message is displayed on the screen. As the 33 MHZ processor is not busy drawing 16 bit color on the screen, I expected the Visor Prism to be noticeably faster than the Palm IIIc. I have talked to both Handspring Technical Support and the database vendor about this issue; however, there is no known modification available to resolve the speed issue.

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