Montréal, A Great Vacation Destination

Montréal at Christmas - 1999

"Old Montréal" during Christmas

Montréal, Québec is one of my favorite vacation locations. Each of 13 summer vacations (1994 - 2006) included at least 9 days in Montréal. I also visited Montréal during January, 1993 and Christmas, 1999. After a 6 year hiatus due to various reasons, I was able to spend a very enjoyable week in Montréal during the summer of 2012. It was great to be back in Montréal again, Montréal is still an excellent vacation destination. I started visiting Montréal in the 70's for party weekends in conjuction with the Montréal Canadians/Boston Bruins hockey games; now I go because Montréal is an excellent vacation location.

The reasons I visit Montréal frequently are:
I highly recommend Montréal as a vacation location, you will definitely enjoy a visit to Montréal.

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